Rest in Peace Tom Mayer..

I had the chance to meet Tom Mayer on a trip to the Owens Valley last year for some Hang Gliding, a little climbing, and a lot of fun. Tom graced me with his presence and immediately had myself and others laughing. A great pilot and individual… here are some photos from my time with Tom.


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  1. Larry

    Flew with Tom a lot in Utah. It still makes me laugh inside when I remember a story about a flight that didn’t end well.

    We were flying Inspiration Point above Provo. The site isn’t that high and you need to get up or go out to land. You need to clear a residential area to make it to the LZ.

    Tom scratched too low and didn’t make the LZ.

    From Tom: “I came to with a dog tearing at my leg. I was laying on my back and opened my eyes, wondering where I was. There was the face of a boy looking down at me.” The kid said: “Mister, I’ve seen a lot of hang gliders landing, and that’s not how it’s done.” Tom had clipped some power lines and crashed in a back yard.

    Sorry you are gone Tom. We are right behind.

  2. Jennifer Savard

    Thank-you for the great pics and the very kind words about my Father. I love the one with his pants wet. He certainly did have a sense of humor.

  3. sylvie

    Thank you for those pictures..
    Tom is a beautiful man,funny and caring.

    We are surely behind him

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