Why do we do it?

This a an excerpt taken from pdn(photo district news) online. It is a quote from Will Steacy, a professional photographer, on why he does what he does. I found some of his comments to resonate with me; and I think will resonate with you as well.

“It all changed for me in 2003 when I was almost murdered in a robbery. At the time I was working in a sneaker store and one night two guys came in right before we closed and put a gun to my head, tied me up, dragged me down to the basement and robbed the place. As I lay on the floor with a gun to my head I felt this sudden, indescribable wave take hold of my body. This thing inside me proclaimed: “It is not your time to die. You have not yet done what you were put on Earth to do, you have not even begun it.” This wave left as quickly as it came and when I opened my eyes the guys were gone and I was still alive. That cold night in December changed my life forever.

Since then, I have followed this spirit inside me that fought so hard to live that night, doing what I now know I was put on Earth to do, this thing called my art. I was supposed to die that night. Coming that close to death will change a man and that single experience has had the most profound impact on my life and my work. I wake up everyday and chase this dream, risking and sacrificing everything and anything in order to make my work.”
-Will Steacy



About rtylergross

I am a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from world renowned Brooks Institute. Please don't hesitate to contact me, leave comments, or inquire about any of my work! It is all for sale all the time and I look forward to helping you with the next project. Cheers

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