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So with my position in Backwoods as Photographer/Web Content Manager has come another title. Graphic Designer. I am not going to say I am the best at it, or even really good, but I have definitely improved my skills as the needs have increased for design work. Most assignments I get are starting with a blank, transparent canvas. This is a completely creative process and definitely a form of art; even if its a coupon flyer, in-store signage, or an email blast. I am going to walk you through my process of creating a design.
First, you need to know what market the creative is being used for to target. Then you need to know the specs of the creative. This comes into play big time as the designer needs to understand the layout they are working with. For example, a coupon should be simple, easy to read and contain direct information to the promotion. A sign that goes up in a store, for example, might contain an inspiring image with some text or some creative design that is eye catching. You then need to know the message. If it is a simple message, you might want to keep the design simple, but the look of the design actually contains a lot of thought- as it relates to expressing the message. Every little thing in design matters-whether complex or simple. It all works under the same process. As far as creation, after the fundamentals are laid down, it is up to the designer to pull from all the knowledge that they have- knowledge of the company they are creating the design for, knowledge of design itself, knowledge of color and light, etc. It all comes into the creation.
Below are some examples of recent designs I have put together. Enjoy!
*Note-some of these are not current promotions, they are only on here for examples.
*visit or to see them in action!


About rtylergross

I am a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from world renowned Brooks Institute. Please don't hesitate to contact me, leave comments, or inquire about any of my work! It is all for sale all the time and I look forward to helping you with the next project. Cheers

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  1. fivereflections

    you have a very creative eye for composition – reflection of nature.

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