Rule 1

“When in doubt, always take your camera.”
This image is the result of a classic rule that I have heard and said since first laying my hands on a camera.

For me, climbing and photography have been synonymous in recent years when it comes to defining my passions. The endless friendships, roads and climbing destinations have fueled my being for sometime now. The constant quest for new lines and progression. The yearning to find some balance in the chaos of todays modern culture. The destruction of our forest lands and the preservation of the worlds hidden gems – All serve as a constant reminder as to why we keep pressing on.

My girlfriend and I had chosen to go bouldering one hot afternoon. This was no social gathering, I didn’t call anyone else to come out – it was just a quick session at a local bouldering hole. As usual I go through the process: ok shoes? check. chalk? check. pad? check it off.
Then my never ending dilemma ensues… do I bring the camera?

It was just another random afternoon to get reconnected with the stone and run some laps on warm ups. What I hadn’t anticipated was that the natural lighting would dapple through the trees in such a way – to balance the ambient lighting, thus creating a dreamscape from what usually is a hot, mosquito infested bush whacking session.

You will never know where the light will shine through- as long as you keeping chasing it you will find it.

Stay inspired and when in doubt, always take your camera.

©R. Tyler Gross


About rtylergross

I am a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from world renowned Brooks Institute. Please don't hesitate to contact me, leave comments, or inquire about any of my work! It is all for sale all the time and I look forward to helping you with the next project. Cheers

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