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The goal here is to show the creative process and steps taken when executing a fairly large campaign.  In this case, the Holiday season.  When shooting products or themes, I find that I work best alone.  Sure, set up times etc. take a bit longer but I can truly get into the element of the vision when having zero distractions.  Below was this process.

Step 1. Brainstorm/Conceptualize/Draw it Out

-What is the concept?  What will I need?

(in this case, a portable battery to power xmas lights, full rack of cams, clothing, boots, misc. gear, fake snow, etc.)


Step 2. Research/Resources/Equipment

-What is the brand and its history with previous campaigns?

-Lighting, Location, Gear preparation, Cost? Etc.

-How do I make it snow in the fall?  What tree should I buy?


Step 3. Formulate Plan/Execute

-Time of day:  Be prepared: Go early, set the scene and wait for the right time to execute vision.


Step 4. Final Imagery + Post Production



About rtylergross

I am a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from world renowned Brooks Institute. Please don't hesitate to contact me, leave comments, or inquire about any of my work! It is all for sale all the time and I look forward to helping you with the next project. Cheers

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