Its TIME | refreshment

SO I have been very absent from the blog basically the entire year of 2014.  I want to apologize for this.

Allow me the chance to share with you some of my most recents projects.  I feel truly blessed to have shared these moments with those included (be it bird, human, waterfall, whatever). Lets get out again!

On another note:

One is never really alone if they open their eyes to the beauty that is all around them.  Stay open minded. Wander. Have an end goal in sight but stay loose with your plans throughout the journey.  Have patience.  Let that curious side take you into uncomfortable places and situations, you will grow.  Take risks, yet stay in the center of the circle.  Like water:  water does not resist, but conquers all; it is tasteless, yet life-giving.  It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure.

Well I’m rambling now.  When I sat down to type this I had no idea what I would say- I just felt I needed a blog post. So take those words for whatever you wish them to be; enjoy the imagery, stay inspired, and don’t hesitate to contact me for your next project.


About rtylergross

I am a professional photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from world renowned Brooks Institute. Please don't hesitate to contact me, leave comments, or inquire about any of my work! It is all for sale all the time and I look forward to helping you with the next project. Cheers

One comment

  1. Seth

    Beautiful images man. Looks like some grand adventures.

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